Requests for information for employment purposes

including individuals wishing to work with children or vulnerable adults

North Wales Police does not provide PNC disclosures for employment vetting services. If you require a disclosure for employment purposes, please contact Disclosure Scotland on: 0870 609 6006 or via their website.

The current procedure whereby companies require individuals to exercise their rights under Subject Access provisions at section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998, as a form of vetting, has been considered to be unlawful for many years and is against the spirit of the legislation. When Section 56 of the Act is implemented, it will become a criminal offence for the employer to ask individuals, as a condition of employment, to go through this process.


If you are going to work as a paid employee or as a volunteer for an organisation, and your work will bring you into contact with children or vulnerable adults, and have been asked to apply for CRB check you must access HM Disclosure and Barring Service website and follow their procedure.

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