Don't buy Counterfeit Goods - they're not the real deal!

It's easy to be tempted by a bargain, but remember if it seems too good to be true then it probably is!
Although you may not wish to miss a true bargain, don't be too hasty.


Fake goods and copies of popular consumer items, also known as counterfeit goods, are often of a much lower quality than the genuine article and could even be unsafe to use.


Current popular counterfeits are:

  • UGG boots
  • GHDs
  • Duracell batteries
  • Cigarettes and tobacco
  • Alcohol – which has proved fatal.


Shockingly, dangerous fakes also in circulation are toys coated in paint with high levels of lead and detachable parts that could choke a small child.  Be particularly wary of cheap children’s clothes especially pyjamas and T-shirts, which may be flammable.


The people turning out these bogus items are often involved in other criminal activities, so save your hard earned cash to spend with reputable traders whose businesses often lose out to these unscrupulous dealers. 


  • Remember – price and place!
    Think about the price that you are paying and the place you are buying.
  • If a person turns up at your door or approaches you in a pub and offers you what appears to be a second hand item at a knock down price then it is highly likely it has recently been stolen.
  • By buying stolen items not only may you be committing an offence but also supporting the seller’s criminal lifestyle. Either way the honest law abiding public lose out.
  • Around Christmas time some previously empty shops are occupied by traders for a short time only. Remember that after the Festive Period, they may have moved on, and you will have nowhere to go if you have a problem. The same could be true of goods on sale at boot-sales and from doorstep callers. Visit the All Wales Doorstep Crime Group's website for advice on dealing with unwanted cold callers
  • You’d be wise to buy only from recognised and reputable retailers who have a formal refunds policy.
  • Be particularly careful when buying goods on the internet. If fake goods are coming from abroad they may be confiscated by customs and you will lose any money you paid for them.
  • You should do some common-sense checks before purchasing online. Follow our advice on safe shopping online here.


So before you go ahead and buy that bargain designer label or ‘cheap as chips’ computer game, think again and think “is it really worth the risk and the disappointment if all is not as it seems?”


When you buy something the law gives you certain rights that protect you if it’s faulty.
Find out what your consumer rights are and who can help if things go wrong.


If you have concerns or need advice with anything that you have purchased, you can also contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 for advice and practical assistance.



Local Trading Standards







Fakes Fund Crime


All Wales Doorstep Crime


If you have any information regarding the sale or supply of counterfeit goods you can pass that information on, in confidence, to:

Consumer Direct
08454 040506

North Wales Police
101 (in Wales)

0300 330 0101 (from outside Wales)

0800 555111