Our partnership agencies
A multi agency approach to keeping you safe

If you report an incident of domestic abuse a referral form may be completed, with your safety, and that of any children you have, in mind.  We may then share this information with our partner agencies.  When all relevant information is collated you are deemed as possibly being at a high risk of harm and your situation may be discussed in a Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference. 


MARAC logoThis is a meeting where partner agencies can plan and agree what support they can offer to help keep you (and your children) safe.  The aim is to make you safer and prevent further abuse occurring.


The partner agencies attending the MARAC may include:

North Wales Police
Women’s Aid
Social Services
Hafan Cymru
Betsi Cadwalader University Health Board
North Wales Probation
Victim Support
CAIS (Drugs and Alcohol Agency)
Community Safety Partnerships


Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVA) are trained specialists whose aim is to ensure the safety of survivors of domestic abuse. They particularly focus on risk and risk management. They work directly with survivors to provide advice and support to help them make safety plans and understand the options they have. They also assist in accessing the full range of legal and non-legal services and resources and engage proactively in multi-agency work to keep victims/survivors and their children safe.