Mini-motos and Go-Peds are not toys!

You could get more than you bargained for if you buy Mini-Motos or Go-Peds.


These are miniature, petrol-driven motorcycles and scooters which have become popular items on youngsters' wish lists over the past few years.


Before you go ahead and buy, be aware of the law surrounding these machines and make sure you take the following into account.

  • Mini-motos and Go-Peds are not toys! They are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 30mph and riders have died as a consequence of using them.
  • They can be quite dangerous, many failing to meet even the most basic EU safety regulations.
  • These vehicles are often only sold from unreliable sources with no sales back up or access to spare parts.
  • Some brands of mini motor vehicles available have been built to the required standards but, as with all other types of these machines, they are only for use on private land.
  • Most Mini Motos/Go Peds CANNOT be legally ridden on a road or public place and you CANNOT get insurance for them. Pavements, car parks, tracks, off-road rights of way, parks and playing fields are public places.
  • You CAN ride them on private land WITH PERMISSION of the land owner which, in some cases, may be the local authority, BUT the environmental health authorities may challenge you. Land owners should be aware that there may be liability issues and contravention of Health and Safety Laws.
  • You could easily break several other laws such as Road Traffic and environmental laws if you use these machines, especially if you use them in a public place. They can also cause incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour and/or contravene Tenancy Agreements.
  • Under current legislation the police have a number of powers to seize and destroy mini-motos if they are being used irresponsibly. Mini-motos and Go-peds can be seized by the police under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002.


The advice of ‘BikeSafe’, the police-led motorcycle project, mirrors that of the Motorcycle Industry Association.

"The misuse of mini-bikes is creating a negative image of motorcycling and having a detrimental effect on responsible, committed riders. Parents and owners may themselves be liable for offences if they permit anyone, including children, to use mini-bikes illegally. We would encourage anyone considering the purchase of a mini-bike to at least identify a suitable venue before buying a machine and check to establish whether there is any Local Authority initiative near them."



If you would like further advice or guidance with regards to mini-motos contact North Wales Police on 101 or 0300 330 0101.