Text Messaging Service

This is the text messaging service available for deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people.


Follow these 4 steps to alert the emergency services via SMS:


Step 1
Begin your message using the keyword ALERT 


Step 2

Make a new text message and enter the details

• Which emergency service you require? (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard or Mountain Rescue)

• Your name

• Your disability (i.e. deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired)

• Your location (street name and town, motorway name and junction, any landmarks)

• What has happened 


Step 3
Choose ‘send’ to send your message to the emergency services


Step 4
Send to: 66767


Message sent, what next?

Your message is then sent to the control room that takes calls for the police.
The police will alert all the required services and tell them where you are and details of what has taken, or is taking, place.
You must leave your phone switched on after you have sent the text message, as the control room will reply to confirm that they have received your message and that help is on its way to you. They may also need to ask more questions.


Important: You must have credit on your mobile phone to use this service.
It is not guaranteed that text messages will arrive straight away, it depends on the mobile phone networks and service providers. North Wales Police cannot be held responsible for delays in receiving messages. Until you get a reply please try other ways to contact the emergency services.


North Wales Police SMS text messaging system is provided as an alternative means of access to the emergency services.


Any deliberate misuse or abuse of the system will be investigated and where appropriate action will be taken which can result in the loss of your mobile phone service and/or a fine or imprisonment.