Don’t tempt thieves…. don’t leave valuables in your carPicture of items left on car seat



A mobile phone or a few pounds left in your car could be more than enough to tempt an opportunist thief to target your vehicle.


Now, with the Festive season almost on our doorstep North Wales Police is taking the opportunity to remind motorists of all ages to ensure that they not only leave their vehicles secure but they don’t leave valuable items on show inside.


“On average, every week the force receives around 36* reports of theft from vehicles,” said PC Hazel Goss MBE, who is based in Mold and covers the Flintshire and Wrexham areas. “Much work is done by officers across the six counties to tackle the issue however when a would-be thief sees a briefcase or a laptop left in the back of a car it can prove to be too much of a temptation for them to walk on by.”


“Private cars as well as work vehicles are targeted by offenders who will take anything that is of value. Satellite navigation systems, tools, laptops and anything left on seats or in visible locations such as handbags, briefcases, mobile phones and of course cash has been taken.”


Theft from a carAlong with simple steps of removing valuable items from vehicles, a number of other measures can be taken by motorists to try and avoid becoming a victim of crime such as ensuring they park their vehicle in secure locations.


PC Goss added: “If you are out shopping or have to travel to a large town or city to work, look to use a car park that has been given an award for safe parking under the ‘Park Mark’ scheme. We have a number in North Wales. The owners of the car parks have to register for the award and a police assessor visits the location to establish if the car park is suitable for accreditation by considering a number of elements such as its design, whether security measures have been taken into consideration, if the car park is well lit and well marked out.”


The Park Mark car parks can be found by accessing the official website: 


“If you can’t find a Park Mark accredited car park, the key is to use a car park that is busy, well lit and close to amenities,” added PC Goss.  


Work is continuing across the force area to highlight the crime and a number of initiatives are also being undertaken to help reduce theft from vehicles.


“One such initiative is the A55 crime group which sees us work with businesses and hotels that are on the route or near the carriageway that leads into North Wales from Flintshire,” explained PC Goss. “Residents who stay at a hotel in the group are given crime prevention information leaflets but they are also encouraged to deposit any valuable tools or items they may have in their works vehicles in a secure store room which has been set aside specifically by the hotel for valuable property.”


Property marking is yet another important measure that should be undertaken by everyone and is simple. There is a number of property marking items available on the market including forensic marking sets such as ‘Smartwater’ and ‘SelectaDNA’.


When marking items ensure that you use your household name or number followed by your postcode. Electrical items such as laptops/ computers, with MP3 players and mobile phones can all be marked up.


PC Goss added: “Marking your property can also prove an effective deterrent to would-be thieves and if your property is clearly identified it will be more difficult for burglars or thieves to sell on the item. Another advantage is that should you become a victim of crime or should you lose the item you increase the chance of having the property returned to you.”


In a bid to further reduce theft from vehicles, we are issuing comprehensive Vehicle Security advice in our Advice and Support section


*Figures are the average number of weekly recorded offences for the 2009/2010 and 2010/11 fiscal years”.