Time out for Specials Picture Dafydd and Barry


When it comes to taking time out one North Wales business knows how special it can be.


It was when Special Constable Barry Davies approached his employer Dafydd Hardy Estate Agents about the Time Out initiative that the company decided it would be beneficial to sign up to the scheme.


Barry, who works in the Caernarfon office as a valuer for Dafydd Hardy, has volunteered his services as a Special Constable for the past two years, and when it was mentioned that his employers could sign up he immediately suggested it to them.


Dafydd Hardy, one of the directors, said: “All our staff give their time to various community based initiatives and as Barry is representing that side of things it seemed like a reasonable thing to do.”


Barry, 41, joined the Specials because he wanted to do something positive for the community, as he could see things changing.


“I wanted to do something that would help to make things better in my town,” said Barry, who gives around 20 hours of his time every month to assist with the policing of Pwllheli and the Lleyn Peninsula


Barry can usually be seen pounding the streets on a Friday and Saturday night, but the company’s involvement in the Time Out initiative will enable him to volunteer his services during working hours.


“It means that I can go out on impact days or whenever there is a need for more officers.”


Dafydd added: “We are really proud that someone from within the company is doing this work.”




The Time Out initiative has been developed to encourage partnerships between North Wales employers, employees and North Wales Police.


This initiative aims to encourage employers to sponsor any employee who would like to volunteer by allowing them a specific amount of paid time off to help fulfil part of their Special Constabulary duties. The employee would make up the remaining hours in their own time.

Any Special Constable, or potential Special Constable, whose present employment offers a volunteers scheme or would be interested to make the necessary arrangements to enable them to benefit from this initiative.


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