Child safety bandspicture of children with wristbands


Police officers and businesses in the town of Llandudno have pooled their resources to ensure the safety of children.


The "Llandudno Safe Child Scheme" (wristband scheme) has been set up with funding from the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and sponsorship from HB Leisure, Asda, Akita security at Parc Llandudno, the Pier and The Victoria Centre.


PCSO Sarah Curry, decided to introduce the wrist band scheme  to cover the whole town from the Pier to the retail parks: “Its not just the police perspective, its also about being a mum, ensuring that your children are secure when you go shopping in the town,” she explained.


Sue Nash, manager of the Victoria Centre said: “Children do get lost, but if they have a band on their wrist then it will enable the parents to be found much quicker, and it will give the parents peace of mind.”

Ifan Hughes, community safety officer with North Wales Police added: “It’s all about working in partnership to ensure our children are safe.”


“Sometimes the children who get lost are so young and so upset that they can’t tell anyone who their parents are. No-one can do anything to help until the child sees mum or dad, but with a contact number on the wrist band it will make things much easier.”


Parents can obtain the uniquely numbered wrist bands as they start their shopping from any of the shops or businesses which display the child safety sign, and in Parc Llandudno all security staff will be in possession of the bands, which will carry the parents contact details, but will not name the child.


David Jones, from Akita said: “This is an excellent idea. Christmas is a very busy time and we do get an influx of children who quite often get separated from their parents."


And as Sarah and Ifan handed the bands out in Asda this week parents were full of praise for the idea.


Sarah Rhys–Jones was more than happy for her son to have a band: “It is a great idea, because it can be quite scary when little ones go missing.”


Matt Lees, duty manager at Asda added: “We want to support child safety for the community, not just at this time of year, but throughout the year. It is something which is very important to Asda."