Firearms security checks carried out in south Gwyneddcrimestoppers logo


North Wales Police in south Gwynedd have hailed their Firearm Security Operation carried out earlier this month a success. 


The objective of the Police action was to ensure that all legally held firearms and ammunition are securely and appropriately stored when not in use and to reinforce the statutory obligation on all Firearm and Shotgun owners the absolute necessity in maintaining security.  It also followed a number of recent prosecutions and certificate revocations as a direct result of some holders negligence.


Sergeant Dewi Jones, North Wales Police South Gwynedd District said  “I’m happy to say our objective of raising awareness amongst the firearms community was very well received and we encountered very few breaches.  We received terrific assistance from a number of organisations including the Farmers Union of Wales and The National Farmers Union that supported the initiative and reinforced our message which was reflected in the relatively small number of minor infractions.   It’s important to emphasise from a Police perspective that it’s as much about education as well as enforcement”


“The operation saw Police visit 188 certificate holders in the area and was met with wide spread support and cooperation from the local community, even those where minor breaches were identified.  Whilst we have now concluded our checks this type of operation may well be repeated, or extended elsewhere if we believe it appropriate”


Sergeant Jones concluded that of the 16 breaches identified most were appropriate to be dealt with by means of warnings and advice with four requiring further investigation.


If you have any information about any Firearms or Shotgun that is being kept insecurely contact North Wales Police on 101 or alternatively via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.