Protect your mobile phone with ImmobilisePhotograph of representatives from North Wales Police and mobile phone retailers


An initiative which is aimed at helping to reunite owners with lost or stolen property is to be launched in Bangor.


The Immobilise register is an online tool where people can register items such as mobile phones free of charge. Once an item has been registered, officers can access the database to trace the owners of any property they may recover.


Other valuable items such as iPads, laptops, iPods, game consoles, cameras and satellite navigation systems can also be registered with Immobilise.


“The free Immobilise property registration service is a very powerful tool in the fight against crime,” said Chief Inspector Andrew Williams from North Wales Police.


“We are urging people to register their property, in particular items such as mobile phones onto the Immobilise database. It only takes a few minutes and if your property is stolen and later recovered, there is a greater chance of it being returned.”


He added: “The more people that register their phones on the Immobilise website, the better chance we have of tracking down criminals and returning stolen property back to its rightful owner.”


“Immobilise has been used by different police forces all over the country and has proved to be a popular tool in deterring crime.”


Immobilise will be officially launched at the Deiniol Shopping Centre in Bangor at 12:30pm on Friday 31st August. Members of the local policing team will be distributing leaflets and speaking to shoppers about the initiative.


Many stores in Bangor are supportive of the scheme including Tesco, Currys/PC World, Argos, Phones 4U, Get Connected, Orange, Carphone Warehouse, Three and Mobilia. They have all agreed to distribute Immobilise leaflets to anybody purchasing a mobile phone from their stores.Photograph of the Immobilise poster


Chief Inspector Williams added: “We are very grateful to the stores for supporting us with promoting this initiative. Together, we can take positive steps to deter the buying and selling of stolen goods.”


Register your property for free at Immobilise and improve your chances of getting it back if it’s ever lost or stolen.



·        Never leave your phone on display in your car – this will tempt a criminal

·        Keep your phone on you, not near you. Never leave your phone on tables or bars in pubs and restaurants

·        Thieves are opportunists – don’t make yourself an easy target by showing off the handset you’re carrying around

Keep details such as the make, model and unique identification number (IMEI number) of your handset. This can be found  behind the battery, or by dialling *#06#