Don't be careless with your belongings

North Wales Police are advising people not to become careless with their belongings following a recent spate of incidents in Denbighshire.


Over the past few days mobile phones and a bicycle have been stolen, simply because they have been left unattended for a few moments.


Incidents have included mobile phones being left unattended on bars, a bag which included a phone being left by a window.


All incidents have happened in the Denbigh, Ruthin, St Asaph, Corwen and Llangollen areas.


Inspector Tony Latham from North Wales Police said: “The majority of these crimes are opportunist and are completely avoidable.


“Leaving items on display will be enough to tempt a thief. It only takes seconds for someone to grab your phone/bag/purse/wallet when left unattended. Don’t become a victim, always ensure your belongings are secure in your jackets or pockets.”


  • Never leave your mobile phone in sight on a bar or restaurant / café table – it may be within your reach but it will also be within reach of an opportunist thief
  • Don’t leave your bag on the back of a chair or out of sight under a table – it takes seconds for valuable contents such as purses and phones to be gone
  • Ensure that zips and fastenings on handbags, bags or backpacks are closed
  • Never leave valuables unattended
  • Register your mobile phone with your network provider and keep your phone number and IMEI number in a safe place (access your IMEI by keying *#06# or look behind the battery of your phone)


Further advice and information on how to keep your belongings safe are available via our Advice and Support section here