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North Wales Police are warning the public to be wary and alert to a particular fraud that is taking place when computer users go on-line.


Computer users in Gwynedd have being subjected to a “pop up” virus which demands a “fine” or risk having their hard drives erased.  Infected computers display a pop-up window with a photo of a Police Officer and Metropolitan Police logo saying the user has downloaded illegal material and demanding a “ransom” or “fine”.


Penygroes Police Community Support Officer Julie Holland of North Wales Police said “This type of scam is becoming all too frequent and only last week a lady from Gwynedd paid £100 into the fraudsters account as she thought her hard drive would be erased.


“I would advise all computers users to download antivirus software and don’t make any sort of payment or provide bank details to unknown companies or individuals”.


North Wales Police also advise never provide bank details when prompted by an unknown caller and If you do fall foul to a scam and lose money inform your bank immediately that your account has been compromised and call North Wales Police on 101 for any advice.