Phone owners urged to activate 'find my phone' appcrimestoppers logo


‘Smart’ phone owners are being encouraged to activate an application which could help police track down their phones if stolen.


The ‘find my phone’ app provides an accurate GPS location of the phone and gives the owner the option to instruct it to let off a loud alert even when in silent mode.


Acting Inspector Rob Rands at Bangor Police said “This is an excellent piece of technology which not only keeps us one step ahead of thieves but also acts as a deterrent.  There is plenty of evidence regionally and nationally on how the ‘app’ has aided phone recovery and crime detection.


“Colleagues in North Wales Police were able to locate a stolen iPhone and return it to its owner using an application which gives the current location of a phone.  A woman who had her phone stolen from a public house told officers she had previously activated the application.  As a result officers were able to log on to the victim’s account and locate on a map where her phone was.


Police searched an address but were unable to find the phone until an officer activated the alert, leading them to the garden of the property where a phone was found which led to the arrest and cautioning of the offender.  Equally importantly the owners phone, containing a great deal of personal information was recovered and returned to her.


A/Inspector Rands concluded "The ‘find my phone’ application could help police trace your phone if it is stolen but it relies on the owner creating a simple account to activate it beforehand.  We would appeal to owners of smart phones and other devices like the iPad to activate the application as soon as they can.”


Details of the 'find my phone' app can be found on a number of on-line web sites.