Police and community team up to foil teenage drinking bingeCrimestoppers


North Wales Police and Community Support Officers from Pen y Groes thwarted a recent teenage drinking binge on Dinas Dinlle beach after a call from a member of the public alerted them to a large number of youths carrying alcohol gathering in the area.


seized alcoholFollowing incidents of anti social behaviour after last years GCSE exams local officers had been gathering intelligence and preparing resources but a call shortly after 7pm on Tuesday 19th June led them to an area on the beach where over 100 young people, virtually all under 18 years old, had gathered with a significant amount of alcohol.  Officers seized over 160 bottles and cans of various lagers and beers and a dozen larger bottles of spirits.


Local PCSO Julie Holland said “It’s not about wanting to spoil young peoples fun and I’m sure many of them will have worked very hard for their exams and were rightly looking at a way to celebrate with their friends.  However there are other and safer ways to celebrate and unfortunately we have seen before that when large numbers of youths and alcohol mix then problems in the form of anti social behaviour follow.  Young people also forget it’s for their own safety only last year a young person attending a similar event was airlifted to hospital after consuming too much alcohol”


Following the confiscation of the alcohol, all of which was later destroyed, North Wales Police reported no incidents of anti social behaviour which they believe supports their strong stance against the misuse of alcohol. alcohol disposal


It also helped protect the beach, an area of special scientific interest, from being damaged or litter strewn.  Local Councillor Eric Jones stated “I am concerned for the young people themselves and also about the amount of Litter that would be left behind on the beach.  I have received  numerous complaints before hand regarding problems of litter on Dinas Dinlle beach and because of these concerns I am trying to arrange more “anti vandal bins” for the area.  There are already groups in the area who work hard arranging beach cleans with volunteers”.   


Anyone concerned about anti social behaviour in the area or youths congregating to drink alcohol should call North Wales Police on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.