Police attempt to reunite unidentified deceased man with his family


A postponed operation by North Wales Police to conduct the exhumation of an unknown man buried in Menai Bridge cemetery will now take place on Thursday 17th January 2013.  The exhumation was delayed to allow clarification of a legal point.


A licence for the exhumation has been issued by the Ministry of Justice and HM Coroner Mr Pritchard Jones has been consulted.


In order for this process to take place in a dignified and professional manner the cemetery will be closed for the day whilst Police and forensic experts exhume the remains and recover them for examination.


The Investigating Officer, DC Don Kenyon of the North Wales Police said.  “The circumstances surrounding this man’s death are not suspicious, we are merely attempting to identify him for his families sake.  That process will involve carefully obtaining DNA samples and comparing them against the DNA from individuals we have identified as possible family members.


“The family has been made aware of the proposed exhumation and are supportive of the action. This will be a very emotional time for them and they have been reassured that we will conduct the whole process in the most dignified and sensitive way possible.”


DC Kenyon has notified families connected to adjacent graves and those who live around the cemetery as he is aware exhumation is a rare and sometimes sensitive process.  “I am very conscious of the feelings of all concerned, families of those buried in the cemetery and the surrounding community and can assure all that due regard and respect will be paid during the process which we hope to have concluded by late afternoon”


The unidentified man was buried in 1983 after being recovered from the sea off Anglesey.  At the time an exhaustive Police investigation to identify the man, believed aged in his 30’s, proved fruitless. Advances in DNA technology since that time may now be able to bring one families uncertainty to an end. It is hoped that  results of the DNA analysis will be complete within three weeks of the exhumation.