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This December North Wales Police will commence an operation in South Gwynedd to ensure that all legally held firearms and ammunition are securely and appropriately stored when not in use.


The operation will reinforce the statutory obligation on all Firearm and Shotgun owners the absolute necessity in maintaining security and when not in use the weapon and ammunition must be stored securely.  It also follows a number of recent prosecutions and certificate revocations as a direct result of some holders negligence.


Sergeant Dewi Jones, North Wales Police South Gwynedd District who is leading the operation said  “The purposes of the operation is to raise awareness amongst the firearms community of the need to constantly keep their weapons secure.  We are informing a number organisations so they can assist with reinforcing our message and inform their members and readers. 


“The operation will commence on 3rd December and  involve a number of officers conducting ad hoc unannounced security checks on premises to ensure that holders of the firearms are conforming to the conditions of their respective licence.   Our ultimate goal in this operation is to keep our communities safe by ensuring all firearms are kept securely however where we discover breaches of conditions then prosecutions will follow.”


If you have any information about any Firearms or Shotgun that is being kept insecurely contact North Wales Police on 101 or alternatively via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.