Police Community Support Officer Application Process

It is important that you do sufficient research into the organisation, our priorities, our structure and the role of a Police Community Support Officer to know that this is the right career for you.


Information to assist you can be found here on our site and http://www.policecouldyou.co.uk


The application procedure consists of several challenging steps designed to ensure that applicants of the highest quality are recruited into North Wales Police. There follows below a basic guide to the process.


Applicants should understand that all recruiting processes are conducted without favour, and applications are considered strictly on merit.


Passing the application processes is a prerequisite to appointment but does not in itself guarantee selection for appointment. The number of vacancies and the operational needs of North Wales Police will have an impact.



1. Complete Application Form


When North Wales Police is accepting applications for the role of Police Community Support Officer can download an application form from this website.


Ensure the application form is fully complete before returning it - if it is incomplete this will result in a delay in the process, or at worst your application will be rejected.

We advise you to read fully the guidance notes provided before actually starting to complete the application form.


You can check to see if you are eligible to apply by checking our detailed eligibility requirements


Please note that applicants who have previously applied for this role and have been unsuccessful are not eligible to reapply until 6 months has elapsed since the date of notification.



2. Submit Application Form


The completed application form should be returned to:
PCSO Recruitment

Shared Services Facility


North Wales Police Headquarters

Glan y Don

Colwyn Bay

LL29 8AW

Please ensure that the correct postage is used – if not it will result in a delay in receiving yourapplication and you may miss the closing date, therefore your application will not be assessed.



3. Application Form Assessment


This will form the first part of the selection process. You will be required to provide evidence of your transferable skills linking to relevant competencies. Pay particular attention to your spelling and grammar as this will also be assessed.



4. Police Initial Recruitment Test


The Police Initial Recruitment (PIR) Test consists of 4 elements which aim to measure some of the skills/abilities required for the role.


The PIR Test is a multiple choice test which includes spelling and grammar, checking information, mathematical and verbal logical reasoning tests.


Sample questions and a full practice test are available to download / view.





5. Welsh Test


You will be required to demonstrate your welsh language skills at Level 2. This will take the form of an oral test based on the Learning Resources in our Welsh Language section.




6. Interview


The interview will last approximately 40 minutes. It will be based on the six personal qualities within the Policing Professional Framework (click to download PDF) and your research into North Wales Police.


The below personal qualities have been identified as specifically relevant to the role of Police Constable. A Police Community Support Officer would need to show that they have some of these qualities at their interview.


  • Serving the public
  • Openess to change
  • Service delivery
  • Professionalism
  • Decision making
  • Working with others



7. Background Enquiries and Academic and Employee References


As well as conducting background checks and references all prospective candidates from the earliest stages of recruitment should be aware that if successful they will be asked to consent to providing a fingerprint and DNA sample.



8. Fitness Test


click here for full information on the Fitness Test



9. Medical assessment


A medical history questionnaire and opticians form will be distributed to all applicants that are successful at interview. Both the questionnaire and eyesight form must be completed by your GP and optician. Please note that you may be charged for each of these services and they may take up to 4 weeks to be returned.



10. Offer of appointment


Subject to satisfactory completion of above
Also in this section



PCSO Recruiting Section:
Shared Services Facility,
Business Services,
North Wales Police Headquarters,
Colwyn Bay,
LL29 8AW

Telephone: 01492 804699

Email: Recruitment Section