Employers Partnership Initiative - Time Out

North Wales Police operate an Employers Partnership Initiative - AMSER ALLAN / TIME OUT initiative. This has been developed to encourage partnerships between North Wales employers, employees and North Wales Police.

This initiative aims to encourage employers to sponsor any employee who would like to volunteer by allowing them a specific amount of paid time off to help fulfil part of their Special Constabulary duties. The employee would make up the remaining hours in their own time.

For any Special Constable, or potential Special Constable, whose present employment offers a volunteers scheme or would be interested in this initiative are requested to contact the Recruiting Section within the Shared Services Facility to make the necessary arrangements to enable you to benefit from this initiative.


North Wales Police staff

North Wales Police supports the Employers Partnership scheme for our Police staff employees by granting upto 6 duty days per year to perform Special Constabulary duties, subject to the following criteria being met:

  • A minimum of 16 hours normal Special Constabulary duty are performed per month;
  • A minimum, agreed level of training is completed, including mandatory sessions (as above, employer support does not cover this);
  • Policing duties must be pre-planned initiatives by regular supervisors;
  • Special Constables participating in the scheme would not be permitted to place themselves on duty on an ad-hoc basis;
  • Current certificates for personal safety and first aid.


Time off must be agreed by your line manager for the purpose of a pre-planned initiative.


North Wales Police employees please contact your Human Resources and Training Officer or the SSF Recruitment & Posting Section for more details and an agreement form.


Special Constable Recruitment
Shared Services Facility

North Wales Police Headquarters,
Colwyn Bay,
LL29 8AW

Telephone: 01492 804699

Email: Recruiting Section