Firearms Licensing

COVID-19 Update

The Firearms & Explosives Licensing team are currently working hard to process all existing casework, whilst responding to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

At this moment we have stopped all home visits, unless in exceptional circumstances, in order to assist with social distancing and to ensure that we are following advice from the Government and Health Service. We will look to use other methods to get in touch with you regarding your firearms.

To assist at this time we would be grateful if you could avoid emailing or telephoning the team unless your query is of an urgent nature. We do anticipate that processing existing grants, renewals or variations will take longer than normal - below are some questions and answers that may avoid the need to contact us.

We would ask that anyone considering submitting a new variation request to avoid doing so unless absolutely essential as there is likely to be a significant delay in processing these requests. We will not be accepting any new grant applications until further notice.

We have previously circulated information, and in some cases written to you personally, regarding changes to the medical information required at point of renewal. All renewal applications for certificate holders expiring on or after 1st June 2020 were previously required to submit a completed medical proforma in addition to the normal application form.

This requirement has been temporarily suspended and will be reintroduced at a later date. The reason we have decided to do this is to avoid placing any additional pressure on frontline medical practitioners and their teams during the COVID-19 emergency. It will also help anyone who is applying to avoid unnecessary travel and maintain social distancing.

Please keep checking our website for further updates.

I submitted a renewal/grant/variation some weeks ago and haven’t heard anything. What should I do?

Unless your certificate(s) shows that you have expired please wait until we contact you.

My certificate has expired. What should I do?

Please contact us, ideally by email so that we can discuss your individual circumstances. If you have forgotten to renew, and are in possession of guns then you should, as a matter of urgency arrange for them to be transferred to another certificate holder or dealer, and notify us in writing or via email of where and who the guns have been transferred to.


What does the NWP Firearms Licensing Department do?

The Firearms Licensing Department offers advice on matters relating on Shotguns, Firearms and Explosives Certification.

Our policy is based on ensuring that Public Safety is not jeopardised and that all applications are dealt with on a fair and equal basis.

Shotgun renewal application letters give alternative ways of acquiring an application form as well as a list of the criteria needed for countersignatures. They are sent out within 16 weeks of the expiring certificate date. We also enclose a checklist to assist with the application.

Co-Terminus and Firearm renewal application letters are sent within 16 weeks of the expiring certificates. Please remember to submit your Land Permission Letters, and any Club membership details with your application on renewal.

Once your application is received by Firearms Licensing Department it will be processed as soon as possible.  Please note that we are now experiencing high volumes of demand and applications are presently taking a minimum of 16 weeks to process. Please do not telephone the department during that period.

Please ensure that you advise 101 with details of any shooting, pyrotechnic and explosive events.

Contact Details

Telephone: 01745 539394 (10.00 – 14.00 Monday to Friday)

Fax: 01745 539632


Text: 07800 002401

Address: Firearms Licensing Department, North Wales Police, PO Box 100, Prestatyn, LL19 0BH

Social Media: Facebook

Read the Frequently Asked Questions

What fee do I pay for an application?

Please note the following changes in fees which come into force on Monday 6th April 2015.

  • Firearm Certificate Grant: £88:00
  • Firearm Certificate Renewal: £62:00

  • Shotgun Certificate Grant: £79.50
  • Shotgun Certificate Renewal: £49.00
  • Co Terminus Certificate (Grant of both Shotgun and Firearm): £90:00
  • Co Terminus Certificate (Grant of Shotgun / Renewal of Firearm):  £90:00
  • Co Terminus Certificate (Grant of Firearm / Renewal of Shotgun):  £90:00
  • Co Terminus Certificate (Renewal of both Shotgun and Firearm):  £65:00
  • Variation (not like for like – a request for an additional authority) for Firearms: £20:00
  • 1-4-1 Variation: NO FEE
  • Replacement Shotgun Certificate:  £4:00
  • Replacement Firearms Certificate: £4:00

  • Game Fairs Grant: £13.00
  • European Firearms Pass: NO FEE
  • COER1A Individual: NO FEE
  • Visitiors Permit (Individual): £20:00 per person
  • Visitors Permit Over 6 Persons: £100:00
  • Registered Firearms Dealership (Grant / Renewal): £200:00

Can I pay online?

We can take card payments safely and securely online. If you would like to pay online, note this on your application form and confirm your email address – there is no need to send any payment with your application. When we are ready, we’ll send you an email link to make your payment.

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Cheques/Postal orders to be made payable to ‘PCC for North Wales'

We request that renewal applications are submitted to the below address by post within at least 6 weeks of the certificate expiry date to enable us to process the application before the expiry date.

This is providing all the details have been entered correctly or the application will be returned to the applicant for amendments which will delay the process. Please remember to submit your expiring certificate on renewal.

It is an offence to possess a firearm or shotgun without a current certificate

From 14 July 2014, if a person receives a suspended sentence of three months or more then they will not be able to purchase or possess a firearm or ammunition for a period of five years from the second day after sentence.  This timescale has been set so that a person who is in possession of a firearm or ammunition is not in immediate breach of the law when the sentence is passed and has an opportunity to make arrangements to transfer or dispose of their firearm or ammunition.

Police firearms licensing departments should be monitoring the behaviour of their firearms certificate holders.  In line with best practice it would therefore be advisable to review the outcome of any court appearances to ensure that those receiving suspended sentences on or after 14 July are aware that they would need to transfer or dispose of their firearm and/or ammunition.

However, a person who received a suspended sentence before 14 July and already has a firearm certificate would be able to retain their firearm and ammunition for the duration of their certificate.

Section 110 makes another amendment to the Firearms Act so that from 14 July 2014, a person who has served or received a criminal sentence will not be able to possess an antique firearm.  The prohibition applies to anyone who has served a custodial sentence of more than three years or has served a custodial sentence, or received a suspended sentence, of between three months and three years.
A person to whom this applies and who currently lawfully possesses an antique firearm will need to dispose of it by 14 July. 

The Home Office circular covering this change can be found at

Application Forms

If you wish to complete your form electronically, guidance can be found here.

Pdficon Small Renewing your shotgun and firearm certificate - general advice

Shotgun Applications and Renewals

Pdficon Small Application for the grant or renewal certificate (form 201 - 2017 - 1)

Pdficon Small Shotgun Checklist (form 69286)

Pdficon Small Notification of transfer or disposal of a Firearm or Shotgun 

Pdficon Small Vary firearm certificate (form 201v - 2017 - 1)

Firearm Applications and Renewals:

Pdficon Small Application for the grant or renewal certificate (form 201 - 2017 - 1)

Pdficon Small Firearm certificate checklist (form 69287)

Pdficon Small Notification of transfer or disposal of a Firearm or Shotgun 

Pdficon Small Vary firearm certificate (form 201v - 2017 - 1)

Co-Terminus Applications and Renewals:

Pdficon Small Notification of transfer or disposal of a Firearm or Shotgun 

Pdficon Small Co terminus checklist (form 69285)

Explosives - Black Powder Certificate:

Pdficon Small Application for a Storage License under the Explosives Regulations 2014

Pdficon Small Renewal application form for an Explosives Certificate

Pdficon Small Application for an Explosives Certificate - Grant


Registered Firearms Dealership:

Pdficon Small Firearm dealer: Application for registration (form 116) 
Pdficon Small Firearm dealer: Place of business notification (form 116a

Visitor Permits:

Pdficon Small Visitor permit (form 61116)

Air Weapons Licensing in Scotland

The Scottish Government is introducing a new licensing system for most air weapons in Scotland.

From 31 December 2016, you will generally need a visitor permit to use, possess, purchase or acquire air weapons while in Scotland. This includes buying an air weapon, someone giving one to you, or simply having an air weapon in your possession. If you already hold a valid firearm and/or shotgun licence issued in England or Wales before 31 December, and you are not planning on buying a gun while in Scotland, you may not need a permit until your existing certificate expires or is renewed.

Applications for visitor permits (or full air weapon certificates) should be made to Police Scotland who will decide your application and deal with any questions you have about the process. You can download the appropriate application form from or When complete, it should be sent to Police Scotland at:

Air Weapons Team

Police Scotland

Clyde Gateway

2 French Street



G40 4EH

You can also get further information on air weapon licensing, including information on exemptions from the need to hold a certificate, at