Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Department (PSD) deals with complaints against Police Officers and staff in North Wales in line with the Police (Complaints and Misconduct) Regulations 2020 and the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) statutory guidance on dealing with public complaints.

In addition, PSD will investigate misconduct allegations in line with the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020. The complaints process is overseen by the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC).

If you think you have been treated badly by a police officer or police employee, you have the right to make a complaint - visit our complaints page for guidance on how to do so. 

Anti-Corruption Unit

The Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) is also part of the Professional Standards Department. The work of the unit is to support North Wales Police to protect both staff and the wider public from any corruption threat facing UK Law Enforcement Agencies.  

ACU Mission Statement - North Wales Police is committed to the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour at all times. Corruption is an abuse of power for personal gain. It erodes public confidence in the police service and will not be tolerated. The Force Anti-Corruption Unit’s aim is to:

  • PREVENT corruption in North Wales Police
  • PROTECT people from the risks and effects of corrupt behaviour
  • PURSUE, prosecute and disrupt any form of corruption that impacts upon the delivery of quality policing service in North Wales