Police Appeals Tribunal and Misconduct Hearings

Misconduct Hearings

There are currently no misconduct hearings scheduled.

Police Appeals Tribunal

Following a Misconduct Hearing held on 18 June and 23 October 2018 Police Constable Daniel Doughty was found to have breached the Standard of Professional Behaviour and that this amounted to Gross Misconduct. The breach related to the Professional Standards of Discreditable Conduct.

Police Constable Doughty was given a final written warning. This decision was subsequently appealed.

A Police Appeal Tribunal was held on Tuesday, 30 April 2019 at Police Headquarters, Colwyn Bay.

The Tribunal allowed the appeal because the conduct alleged pre-dated the officer’s appointment as a police constable, there was no criminal conviction resulting from it during his service or at all and it was not therefore a breach of the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012.

The finding of Gross Misconduct against PC Doughty is now removed from his record with immediate effect.