I am unhappy about the decision made regarding my shotgun or firearm certificate

The Firearms Licensing Department grant licences that allow people to legally own and use firearms and shotguns. 

Our main decision making priority is on ensuring that public safety is not jeopardised. Therefore we consider various criteria, including the fitness of a person to hold a certificate, the security of the weapon and - in some cases - the location where the person will be shooting.

If you are unhappy with a decision that we have made, you can discuss this with the Head of Firearms Licensing via the contact details below. Alternatively, you may seek to have the decision overturned by applying to the Crown court, however you may wish to seek legal advice on this before continuing.

Staff in the department are available to offer advice on matters relating on Shotguns, Firearms and Explosives Certification, should you need guidance. Visit our Firearms Licencing page for more information.

Email: ajdfirearmsregistry@nthwales.pnn.police.uk

Or write to:

Firearms Licensing Department
North Wales Police
PO Box 100
LL19 0BH