I am unhappy about the police decision to take No Further Action (NFA)

Victims of crime or victims in Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) have the right to request a review of police decisions in cases where it has been concluded that no further action (NFA) is to be taken.

If the decision to take no further action has been made by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) then the right to review is to be appealed to the CPS - please refer to their website for details on how to request this.

The right to request a review when the police have made the decision for no further action applies to:

  • Incidents that have been recorded as a Crime (National Crime Recording Standard offences) or RTCs
  • Where a suspect has been identified and formally interviewed under caution

If we have informed you that we decided to take no further action in relation to a crime you have reported, and you meet the criteria above, you have a maximum of three months to request a review of our decision.

However, you should be aware that some offences - known as summary offences - cannot be prosecuted if more than six months have elapsed since they took place. Please ask the Investigating Officer for clarification if you are not sure.

Once a review has been requested, we will aim to complete it within six weeks. All reviews are conducted by an officer who was not part of the original investigation or decision-making process, and is of a higher rank than the person who made the original decision. The review is overseen by an officer of at least Chief Inspector rank. 

The review may result in:

  • the Investigating Officer being directed to complete further investigations
  • the decision to proceed to court or issue an out of court disposal
  • the original decision being upheld

If, after the review, you are still unhappy with the outcome, you have the option to seek a judicial review at the High Court.

Please note that if proceedings are instigated, you may be required to give evidence at court if the case goes to trial.

To request a review:

Please send your details, the details of the incident and if possible the Unique Reference Number (URN) to us, either by emailing VictimsRight2Review@nthwales.pnn.police.uk or by writing to:

Administration of Justice Department
North Wales Police
Ffordd William Morgan
St Asaph Business Park
St Asaph
LL17 0HQ