What is Hate Crime?

A Hate Incident is any incident that is perceived by the victim (or any other person) as being motivated by prejudice or hate. Though it does include criminal offences, it also includes non-criminal actions. For example, a family may feel that they are being targeted if they are the only residents of a particular race on their street and somebody keeps dumping rubbish into their garden, but no other gardens.

A Hate Crime is a criminal offence that is perceived by the victim (or any other person) as being motivated by prejudice or hate. Examples include criminal damage, assault, verbal abuse and suchlike.

Prejudice exists in many forms. A person may be victimised because of their:

  • race
  • religion
  • nationality
  • sexual orientation
  • transgender identity
  • disability

Whatever the reason, it is not right and we want to stop it happening.

All Hate Incidents should be reported so that we can use the information to identify trouble spots and prevent the problem getting worse.

By tackling it together we can make North Wales a safer place to live.

What can I do?

REMEMBER: If it is an emergency call 999. If less urgent, call 101 (from within Wales).

If you don't feel comfortable visiting a police station or calling us to report an incident, there are two alternative ways you can do it:

This form is designed to help us and other agencies respond to any incidents which are perceived to be motivated by hate or prejudice. Any information provided by you will be treated in strict confidence. The information you provide will be placed on computer and protected by provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Victim Support has been funded by the Welsh Government to increase the reporting of hate crimes and hate incidents across Wales and to offer support to victims of these offences.

For further information about Hate Incidents and Hate Crimes, visit the Citizens Advice website.

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