Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act also requires North Wales Police to establish and maintain a publication scheme. This is designed to inform members of the public about certain types of information included under generic class headings.

It is our intention wherever possible to proactively publish information on our Publication Scheme that the public have an interest in viewing to develop a greater culture of openness.

Who we are and what we do

This category of information is about our organisation, it contains details of our structure, profiles of senior officers and staff, our contact details and the locations of our Police stations throughout the Force area.

What we spend and how we spend it

This category details financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement procedures, contracts and financial audit information.

Our priorities and how we are doing

This category of information concerns our plans, progress against stated objectives, various statistical bulletins and details of neighbourhood policing arrangements.

How we make decisions

This category of information details our decision making processes and provides records from senior decision making meetings. These records are presented in the form of meeting minutes and are provided under each respective department and division. Information is also presented regarding feedback obtained from public consultation and surveys we have obtained.

Policies and procedures

This category of information provides details of our current policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities. Details of these policies are listed under each department and division with ownership of the respective policy or procedure. Information about current employment opportunities within North Wales Police will also be provided.

Lists and registers

This category of information provides details from the various registers and lists North Wales Police holds. This includes information from our Information Asset Register prepared as part of the Management of Police Information guidelines, Registers of Gifts/Hospitality and Business Interests notified by Officers/Staff and also our previously published Freedom of Information Responses.

Services provided by the police force

The purpose of this category is to provide advice and general guidance to members of the public on a variety of topics.

Useful Policing/Organisational Information

This category has been added to reflect North Wales Police’s commitment to accountability, openness and transparency. It contains statistical data and general policing information surrounding various topics which the organization is ordinarily not obliged or required to provide but which North Wales Police believe may be of benefit and interest to the wider community.