December 7 2017

NWP Christmas 7

Public wi-fi

When you're out Christmas shopping, or celebrating at a bar or restaurant, it's tempting to connect to public wi-fi hotspots to save using your own data allowance. But did you know that not all hotspots are password protected?

Hackers can use unsecured connections to infect your device, steal information and access files - all without you knowing until it's too late. And it's not just something that happens in big cities, these clever criminals are more common than you think.

How can I stay safe?

  • install or update any system settings over public wi-fi
  • access email, social networks, online banking or shopping sites over public wi-fi
  • set up your device so that it connects to unknown wifi networks without prompting you for confirmation first
  • use mobile data rather than unsecured wi-fi
  • if you choose to use wi-fi, be cautious and make sure you're connecting to the right network for the venue you're in
  • when using public wi-fi, use a trusted VPN service to make sure your traffic is secure

Red and gold Christmas baubles