Protect your Business

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When a business is burgled, stock, valuables and trading times are lost. The following advice will help any business – large or small, to protect itself from crime.

Accessing your premises
  • Security lock all entrances and exits when nobody is on the premises.
  • Do not leave keys lying around
  • Appoint trusted, nominated key holders or a security company to attend out of hours if there is an emergency
  • Think about strengthening doors and windows. The more barriers you create, the more you can delay and put off burglars
  • Think about having grilles or shutters on doors and windows, but talk to your local authority’s Planning Department and your landlord first
Alarms, CCTV and security lighting
  • Lock all valuables in a secure safe
  • Install a burglar alarm and learn how to use it properly
  • Consider having CCTV installed to prevent or detect crime
  • Make sure your security lights are positioned properly and check them regularly that they are working
  • Make sure lighting does not affect CCTV
  • Protect businesses by installing and using good lighting and locking gates. Also consider places around your premises where some might hide, such as in trees, shrubbery, stairwells and alleyways
  • Quickly repair any damage to your property – replace sign, repair equipment, paint over graffiti. Consider using landscaping designs (such as prickly shrubs as in trees, or closely planted hedges, lighting or fences) to put off criminals
Preventing theft
  • Site tills away from entrance/exit doors
  • Keep as little cash as possible on the premises, move excess cash to a safe place and do not count in view of anyone
  • Leave tills empty and open at night
  • Avoid predictable routines such as moving cash at the same time each day
  • Keep windows free from displays and posters so staff can see anyone hanging about who’s entering the premises unlawfully
  • Keep valuables away from windows to prevent ‘smash and grab’ attacks
  • Never leave reception desks unattended
  • Stock take regularly
  • Provide lockers for staff if possible

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