Are you an allotment owner?

Vandalism, theft, fly tipping and intimidating intruders can be problems on allotments. Here are some tips and advice to help tackle these problems and help you make your plot/site a more safe and welcoming place:

  • Sheds packed with tools, machinery and other valuable equipment offer easy pickings to thieves – ensure the shed is always locked and install shed alarms and security lights.  Any items left outside could be stolen or used to help a thief break in 
  • Repair damaged or rotten shed panels
  • Consider keeping valuable tools at home. If this is not possible chain any tools through their handles to large heavy items such as lawn mowers or cultivators. If you have neither of these fill a bucket with concrete and, using masonry fixing, chain your tools to this
  • Record details of your property (make, model, serial number and identifying marks) and take photographs of items for easy identification
  • Register your valuables on the National Property Database
  • Security-mark your property using a UV pen or a forensic marking solution
  • Store bins and ladders carefully so they can’t be used as climbing aids
  • If you are on holiday or will not be visiting your plot for some time, arrange with other plot holders to keep an eye on it.
  • Ensure that you have each other’s contact details should the need arise

If you do witness suspicious behaviour around allotments contact North Wales Police on 101.