Bicycle Security

CycleKeep your bike safe

The vast majority of bicycle thefts are opportunistic. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to take a bike which is not secured.

A number of bikes are stolen every year from within people's own properties - either from sheds or garages.

Follow our Pdficon Small simple crime prevention tips to help keep your bicycle safe from thieves. Pdficon Small Types of security.

When you are out and about
  • Get a good quality bike lock – solid ‘D’ locks offer good protection.
  • Lock it or lose it – even if you just pop to the shops for two minutes.
  • Always lock your bike to an immovable object. Don’t just lock the frame to the wheel.
  • Leave your bike in a well-lit area where it can easily be seen by others.
  • Remove anything that can’t be secured – such as lamps and pumps.
Register your bike
  • Permanently mark your bike using a police preferred product.
  • Register your bike with for free. Visit the Bike Register website or download the Bike Register form.
  • Take out insurance on your bike and be sure to cover for thefts away from home. Take a photo of your bike and write a clear description of it for your own records.
  • Mark your bike – contact a member of your local Neighbourhood Policing Team for further advice.
Securing your bike whilst at home
  • If you store your bike in a shed or garage, fit a ground or wall anchor and lock your bike to it.
  • Lock valuables together to prevent them being easily removed.

For further crime prevention advice please contact a member of your local Neighbourhood Police Team.