Oil Theft

Oil tankNorth Wales Police are urging fuel tank owners to protect themselves against oil thieves.

Thieves have targeted both the residential and business premises.

To make your tank more resistant to attack, we offer the following crime prevention advice:

  • If possible, site the tank so that it is visible from the house and as far away as possible from roads, paths and other public routes.
  • Try to ensure that the tank is not visible from the road.
  • Install security lighting to protect the area around the tank as most offences take place at night.
  • Lock the filler cap with a good quality padlock and protect feed pipes to the house where possible.
  • Plant thorny defensive shrubs around your fuel tank, such as holly.
  • Check the amount of oil in the tank regularly.
  • Be vigilant of any unusual vans or lorries parked close to homes or gardens.
  • Always report any evidence of theft, attempted theft or evidence of tampering to the Police.

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