Protect your property – Register with Immobilise

North Wales Police encourage residents to protect their property by registering valuables on a free national property register.

Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, game consoles, cameras and satellite navigation systems are amongst some of the items which can be registered with Immobilise.

To protect it, register it

Immobilise is the world's largest free register of possession ownership details. These details are searchable by all UK Police Forces and form an extremely powerful tool in helping to identify and return recovered, lost or stolen personal property to its rightful owner.

Virtually any item can be registered, from your TV to your toaster! You can also register bicycles and jewellery on the database and upload a picture to help distinguish it from any other property.

Immobilise has been proven to be effective at tackling crime on a national level. These details are held on a secure system that is approved to Government standards. Once an item has been registered, officers can access the database to trace the owners of any property they may recover.

Visit the Immobilise website to create your free account.

Pdficon Small Property Marking Form

Pdficon Small Immobilise. To Protect it, Register it.