SheducationKeep your shed secure

Sheds are an tempting target for thieves, as they often contain £400-500 worth of property such as bikes, power tools, garden tools, garden furniture, lawnmowers and such. Even if there’s nothing of value stored in your shed, spades, screwdrivers and other simple tools can be used to break into your home.

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By making simple improvements to your shed’s security, you can make it harder, if not impossible for a thief to enter your shed:


Consider bolting a pad-bolt to your door, with domed coach bolts and large penny washers and nuts with nylon inserts on the inside, instead of simple screws which can be easily prised through soft or rotten wood. Use two pad bolts spaced evenly for better security. Use large, good quality padlocks with hardened steel shanks.


Use the same methods for fixing hinges as with the pad-bolts. If the hinges are small, use security screws which can’t be unscrewed.


Many shed windows are never used, if this is the case – why not screw them shut? Fitting mesh or steel bars across the window from the inside allows light to enter but means the thief has to go to a lot of trouble to remove them. Replace broken glass with laminated glass.

Property marking

Use a simple Ultra Violet property marking pen to write your postcode on all valuable property, such as power tools and cycles left in the shed. Make a note of serial numbers. Thousands of pounds worth of property is recovered each year by the police. Unfortunately, much of it cannot be returned because the police cannot trace the owner.

Shed alarms

Extend your home security system to sheds which form part of your property. Fit inexpensive, but effective battery operated shed alarms to stand alone sheds. Anything which makes a loud noise will send a thief running.


Gravel makes an ideal material to construct a pathway; it’s almost impossible for a thief to walk across it quietly.

Garden tools

Loop a strong chain through the handles and connect the ends with a strong padlock. If possible, fix a large metal eyelet to part of the shed frame and loop the chain through it.


Install lights which come on when it gets dark and switch off when it gets light, or fit motion sensor lights which activate when someone passes.

Good wood

Many sheds are constructed from cheap soft wood. Ensure all wood is kept in good condition and replace any that is rotten.

Home Insurance

Check your home contents policy to see if you are covered in the event of a break-in.

Neighbourhood Watch

Talk to your neighbours about starting a scheme in your street. For advice on setting up your NHW Scheme contact your local Police Officer or PCSO.