Child Sexual Exploitation

“Jess was the envy of all the girls at school. None of the other 14-year olds in her year had a 30-year old boyfriend that met them at the school gates in a flash car. […] Chris told Jess that she drove him crazy, and that he loved her. And if she loved him too, she’d sleep with him. Soon he was picking her up from home and taking her back to his flat, where they’d listen to music, smoke and have sex. Unlike her parents and teachers, he treated Jess like an adult. She felt special.” *

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE): where a person under the age of 18 is manipulated and/or coerced into sexual activity. 

35% of all sexual crimes reported in England and Wales during 2012/13 took place against children under 16 years old. 

This has to stop. North Wales Police and our partners are committed to preventing CSE, helping victims and bringing offenders to justice. 

It happens to both genders. It happens in urban areas and rural areas. It happens to young people in care and to young people living at home. CSE is not exclusive to any single community, race or religion – it is a crime that can affect any child, anytime, anywhere.  

 What Is CSE?  What makes a child more at risk?  Know the signs  Case Studies  Contact Details  Links & Resources
What is CSE?  Increased risk  Know the signs  Case Studies  Contact Details  Links & Resources

If you think someone is being sexually exploited, report it:

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