Know the signs

Victims of CSE often begin to behave differently once under the control of their abuser. Watch out for these signs and be prepared to report it if you are worried. 

Medium risk

Staying out late 
Becoming isolated from friends or social networks 
Mobile phone or internet use that causes concern 
Failing to turn up to school, or being excluded 
Misusing drugs or alcohol 
Expressing despair through activities such as self-harm, eating disorders, overdosing, aggression or challenging behaviour 
Sexually transmitted diseases 
Unsuitable or inappropriate accommodation, such as living on the street 

High risk

Having unexplained amounts of money, expensive clothes or other items 
Going missing overnight, or for longer 
Physical injuries that have no plausible explanation 
Reporting an assault (physical or sexual) but then withdrawing the complaint 
Getting in or out of vehicles driven by unknown adults 
Going to places known for on or off street sexual exploitation 
Having an older 'boyfriend', or being in a relationship with a controlling adult
Physical or emotional abuse by that 'boyfriend' or adult 
Having friends or acquaintances involved in 'clipping' (where payment is received in exchange for agreeing to perform sexual acts, but then not actually performing them)

I got involved with older men because I thought they would be my friend or love me.

Offenders come from many different social and ethnic backgrounds, but all have one thing in common. They use their position to exploit vulnerable young people and abuse them.  

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