Shed Security

Many of us store valuable items such as power tools or bicycles in our sheds, so it's important to make sure we keep them as secure as possible.

Here are some top tips for shed safety: 

  • Invest in a quality padlock - cheap ones can be easy to break
  • Change the screws in the shed door hinges and hasps to round head bolts that are fastened from the inside - this stops burglars just unscrewing them and lifting the door off
  • Think about installing a battery powered intruder alarm - if someone does break in then the noise may scare them off before they take anything
  • Display warning signs that the building is alarmed and covered by CCTV, to act as a deterrent
  • Consider whether you need windows in your shed (or garage) - boarding them up makes it harder for burglars to know if there's anything worth stealing inside
  • Secure bicycles to the ground or a wall if possible, so they can't just be lifted up and carried away
  • Check that your home insurance covers your garage and shed

Man attempts to break into a shed

Shed Shackle Product

Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is the title for a group of police projects focusing on the design and security of quality security products and crime prevention projects. It supports the principles of ‘designing out crime’ through physical security and processes.

You can search for police approved products on the SBD website.

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