#NWPChristmas: Safety at home

Be safe at home

It’s important to make sure your home is safe all year round of course, but in the run up to Christmas you should be extra vigilant. Thieves know that lots of homes will have valuable gifts stored inside, so you need to do everything you can to deter them. Here are some top tips for keeping your home safe.

Leave a light on

Burglars hate well lit environments - it makes their job harder. Not only does it mean they're more likely to be spotted, seeing a light on in your home could also mean that there's someone inside.

Set timer switches on some of your lights so that burglars can't be sure whether you're in. If you're worried about the effect on your electricity bill, use low energy bulbs which can cost as little as a penny a day to run.

Secure your home

In the busy run up to Christmas, make sure that whenever you go out your home is secure. Always close and lock all your doors and windows, and if you have a burglar alarm remember to set it. 

Learn more about home security - don't make it easy for thieves!

Keep things out of sight

Thieves like to go window shopping as much as the rest of us. Make sure they aren't tempted to treat your home like a shop by storing your gifts somewhere secure.

Keep expensive items such as laptops out of sight so they can't be seen through the windows. Remember to move the cables too, as these are an indicator of the kind of goodies a burglar could find inside the house. Aim to have the least enticing window display possible!

Storing presents in the shed

It might seem like a good idea to store your Christmas presents in the shed so the kids can't find them, but think carefully. Shed security is something many of us overlook.

We'd say that storing expensive electricals and other desirable items outside your home is not worth the risk. Burglars often target sheds because they're easier to break into and there's less chance of being noticed.

If the shed is your only storage option, why not get some shed-ucation and learn how to top up your security.

Hidden keys

Burglars know that people hide spare door keys under rocks, flower pots or above door frames. Don't take the risk - give your spare key to a trusted neighbour or family member.

Yes, it might mean a slight wait if you lock yourself out, but it's much better than giving a thief full access to your home while you're out. Don't make it easy for them!

Check your doors and windows

Before you go to bed, don't forget to check that all your doors and windows are locked. The only visitor you want is Santa!