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Applicant: Youth Shedz Cymru
Title: Blaenau Ffestiniog and Llandudno/Junction Youth Shedz
Area: Gwynedd 
Amount Requested: £2,000.00

Project Outline:

Youth Shedz has established the first 3 Youth Shedz of their kind in the country. The Youth Shedz project started as a problem solving activity for a group of young people who were challenged to come up with a solution to anti-social behavior. Following the success of the first Youth Shed in engaging young people who are committed to make a change to their community we have started to develop a social franchise model whereby we will support other organisations to set up a Youth Shed in their own town – the vision is that there will be a Youth Shed in every town in North Wales.

Each Youth Shed is set up by existing ‘Shedderz’ supporting new Shedderz – by way of a peer mentoring programme. Each new shed has to be set up within a set of parameters known as the ‘Youth Shedz Principles’ as set down by the original Shedderz.

This funding will enable us to set up a new Youth Shed in Blaenau Ffestiniog working alongside GISDA and we are in talks to start a new Youth Shed In Llandudno/Llandudno Junction.

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Applicant: Antur Waunfawr
Title: Beganifs 
Area: Gwynedd 
Amount Requested: £2,500.00 

Project Outline:

Following antisocial behaviour incidents on the Antur Waunfawr site and in the village of Waunfawr, where the police were often called out, the Antur worked in partnership with the Youth Service, by holding the Youth Club on the Antur Waunfawr site one night a week.

Various activities are held based on the choices and wishes of the members. These activities include cooking, playing games, playing music and planning towards fundraising events. Through this the individuals get new experiences, an opportunity to learn new skills, and of course the opportunity to socialize in a way that doesn’t disrupt the rest of the community.

The young people feel an ownership over the club and are very proud of it. Holding the club on the Antur site has given them an insight of the precious work that social enterprises do within communities, and this has earned respect. The club has participated in fundraising events in the village and in Antur Waunfawr open days, by holding cake selling stalls and selling bric-a-brac, with the proceeds going towards Antur Waunfawr. Since the beginning of the partnership with the Youth Service, there haven’t been any antisocial behaviour incidents on the site.   

If successful this funding would allow us to continue the success of this project.

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Applicant: GISDA 
Title: LGBTQ+ youth club
Area: Gwynedd 
Amount Requested: £2,500.00

Project Outline: 

Our LGBTQ+ youth club is run by volunteers. There are 20 registered volunteers with varying capacities. We originally had funding from a small lottery grant to employ one staff member 10 hours per week to support the club but this funding has ended. The club has gone from strength to strength and has exceed all expectations with 80 members and 25 – 30 young people from across all of North Wales attending our fortnightly club.

We want to continue to be able to offer this platform for young people to socialise and to feel comfortable in a non-threatening environment. We would like to continue to take young people to conferences such as PRIDE Cymru and Stonewall’s conference – we want to empower young people to be confident individuals and to feel proud of who they are.

The member of staff paid for by this funding will be experienced to identify areas of risk or vulnerability and to appropriately sign-post young people. We have a good working relationship with a range of agencies and this project would enable us to work in conjunction with those agencies, such as Youth Services, policing services and education services to provide a more holistically structured support network and which embraces the Five Ways to Wellbeing Model.

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Applicant: Bala and District Angling Club  
Title: Junior Programme
Area: Gwynedd 
Amount Requested: £2,130.00

Project Outline:

Funding would go towards the cost of fly Tying equipment, vices, bobbin holders, hackle pliers and a variety of other vital fishing equipment as well as venue hire cost, refreshments and associated costs to support our engagement with local young people.

Our Junior Programme is aimed at young people aged 18 and under in Bala who may have little else to do and would include fly-tying courses, fly casting tuition, fly fishing competitions and tuition, coarse fishing competitions and tuition, trips to other fishing venues as well as water safety training.

Our project will give our young people the opportunity to learn new skills, improve social skills and make new friends – old and young.

During the activities young people are encouraged to support one another and the more experienced young people have the opportunity to give presentations about the project as part of their Welsh Bac studies thus improving their self-confidence.

This project is open to both girls and boys and also provides the local PCSO with the chance to engage with them and discuss any issues they may have.

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