15 charged following day of warrants

15 charged following day of warrants in North Wales, Merseyside and Dumfries

This evening, following a series of interviews and consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, 12 men and 3 women have been charged with Drug Trafficking Offences. Two of the men have also been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).

They will all appear before court tomorrow morning where a remand in custody will be sought.

 Mold Magistrates Court

  1. Edward White from Merseyside
  2. Keith Furmedge from Merseyside
  3. Toni Stagg from North Wales
  4. Lisa Tinson from North Wales
  5. Peter Powell from North Wales
  6. James Michael Hughes from North Wales
  7. Patricia Massingham from Merseyside
  8. Dave Rawling from Merseyside

 Llandudno Magistrates Court

  1. Jack Jones from Merseyside
  2. Steven Dooley from Merseyside
  3. Anthony Fahy from North Wales
  4. Colin Jones from Merseyside
  5. Leon Langford from North Wales
  6. Shaun Dooley from Merseyside
  7. Richard Anderson from Scotland