A message for parents and carers on Anglesey

Police on Anglesey are asking parents and carers to know where their youngsters are in the evenings and weekends following a recent spate in anti-social behaviour.

Over recent weeks officers have had to deal with instances of youths congregating in areas such as Holyhead, Gwalchmai and Llangefni. Incidents have included under-age drinking and use of cannabis which has resulted in police attendance and using our powers under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2014.

Area Support Sergeant Ian Roberts is requesting the support of young people, parents and guardians. He said: “With local restrictions introduced in four north Wales counties last week, Anglesey remains in a fortunate position whereby the area is not under tighter ‘lockdown’ rules. However we must not be complacent as we are not immune from consideration of further restrictions. 

“Unfortunately we have had occasions where large amounts of youths have been congregating in contravention of the rules from Welsh Government. Due to underage drinking being reported to us by these groups, this has escalated to anti-social behaviour which has resulted in police attendance. 

“Clearly this is unfair on all other residents who are following the rules and changing their lifestyles accordingly. The question is, do parents and guardians really know where their child is in the evenings?

“The current pandemic is having an effect on everyone and I appreciate that wanting to meet up with friends is natural.  The majority of people do observe the social distancing rule and they are playing their part in keeping their friends and families safe, but there are clearly some who ignore the advice. They could be putting other people’s health at risk – loved ones such as parents and grandparents.

“The demand on North Wales Police has returned to pre-Covid level. As a result, it is essential that people comply with the restrictions to reduce the number of breaches which officers have to respond to. We need people to recognise that wilfully flouting the guidance places unnecessary strain on already stretched resources, and ultimately endangers those people who may need the Emergency Services in their hour of need. 

Sgt Roberts added: “If people do not follow the rules, stricter regulations and a local lockdown will become inevitable sooner rather than later.

“We want to avoid this at all costs, which is why we’re appealing to people to keep to the guidance, to respect and look after each other and to be more careful than ever.

“We will continue to work closely with schools and colleges and if required, we will share details of COVID-19 breaches.

“Please adhere to the guidelines, follow the advice of the Welsh Government to help keep Anglesey safe.”

Further guidance relating to Covid-19 is available via the Welsh Government website

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