National Child Exploitation Awareness Day 2020

Today (18th March) is National Child Exploitation Awareness (CEA) Day, which has replaced Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Day. The day aims to raise awareness of CSE and wider child exploitation to improve the chances of a young person being heard and to deter sexual predators, modern slavery and trafficking.

The focus of CEA Day is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding child exploitation, and to encourage everyone to look out for and speak out against abuse.

Spot the signs:

  • Becoming especially secretive
  • Stopping engaging with usual friends
  • Associating with older men or women
  • Going missing from home
  • Defensive about location and activities
  • Receiving odd calls and messages
  • Possessing new, expensive items

One sign on its own does not mean someone has been exploited, but several signs together should give you cause for concern.

Spot the Signs poster

We will be supporting CEA day both online and at events in North Wales. We will be sharing messages on our social media channels based on key messages and facts from the NWG website and will also be encouraging people to join in with the Helping Hands campaign. This involves writing a personal pledge on your hand and sharing a photo of it on social media, showing support for child exploitation awareness.

This year, NWG have chosen 5 key awareness messages to bring attention to child exploitation in a wider context as well as sexual exploitation:

  • Communities can tackle exploitation.
  • Exploitation is about more than just CSE, think about criminal exploitation, county lines, trafficking and modern slavery.
  • The time to build relationships with children and families is crucial.
  • Exploitation doesn’t just stop because you turn 18.
  • Families can be safeguarding partners.

Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to see our CEA Day posts and get involved too by posting your own pledges and using the hashtags #HelpingHands and #CEADay20.