Community impact day in Rhostyllen targets speeding motorists and other anti-social behaviour.

A recent impact day in Rhostyllen, Wrexham targeted speeding motorists and anti-social behaviour in a bid to address residents’ concerns.

Police working with the community council carried out high visibility patrols following concerns about drink driving and speeding in the area. 

A speed gun was deployed and speeding motorists given suitable advice. Drugs dogs searched pubs and one man will be dealt with at a later date after being stopped and searched and found to be in possession of cannabis.

The impact day also identified areas of the village in need of an environmental clean-up which it is hoped will be undertaken in the near future.

Community Beat Manager PC Dave Smith said; “Our intention is to provide a safer neighbourhood and to work closely with our community leaders, residents and partners.

“We led an operation in Rhostyllen to tackle speeding, drink driving and other issues affecting the community. This work will continue in partnership with those who proactively work with us’’

Similar days are plane for other parts of district.