Digital Evidence

Here at North Wales Police, we are always thinking of better and more efficient ways that we can be working. This has become really important in these challenging times that we currently face in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We are transitioning our processes from Officers travelling to collect digital evidence on a disc or USB stick, to being able to do all of this online. This means that our Officers will be able to review your vital evidence faster as well as reducing any risks around disc handling, officers visiting your premises unnecessarily and gives criminal justice partners and us added security.

We will be able to share this online evidence with our partners such as the CPS and in turn the courts, allowing them to also review it sooner and with less risk. On using this so far, we have been able to make more informed charging decisions.



Our Officers are now using our digital evidence management system called NICE Investigate’. We have trained staff in how to use this and will be able to support you in uploading any of your evidence. The evidence that this will specifically relate to is CCTV, Dash cams, Mobile phone footage, most things that are moving digital image. The feedback from Officers is really positive and they see this change being here for good and really helping them to become more effective in what they do.

What we ask for now, is for your help. There is a lot that our communities and local businesses can do to support this transition and help us move forward as a Force to serve you better.

If you report an incident and are asked to send your evidence digitally, this is going to be our standard business practice in the coming weeks. The Officer may ask for your email address or phone number of which they will send you a secure link to ‘NICE Investigate’ where you can upload your evidence. You will be able to log in and upload video captured on your mobile phone, CCTV or door camera footage. You simply click the link and attach the relevant footage. This then goes back to the Officer who can review it straight away. If you are asked to do this, all we ask is that your try your best to comply. Even if it means being a bit creative for example, recording your CCTV evidence on a mobile in order to send to us.

If you are a business owner or a CCTV holder, it would be incredibly helpful if you could register your cameras for us. Firstly, this makes it even easier for us to request your footage from any incidents that you may report. Secondly, this will help us to pick up footage that may have captured an incident but you may not have been aware of.

For example if there was a theft in a shop a few doors down from your premises, your camera may have picked up the perpetrator. With us knowing where your cameras are located, this could help an investigation identify said perpetrator.

Registering your business is easy to do and our NICE administration team can assist with this process.

Thank you again for your community spirit and support in this challenging time. The changes we are making will be here to stay and your support will make a huge difference in the new way we work landing successfully together. Please help us to help you.