Fund set-up for Off Duty Police Dogs

A benevolent fund has been set up to help support retired North Wales Police dogs.

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The fund, established by PC Jackie Edwards from the Force’s Dog Section, has been created to assist with the day to day costs of looking after the animals as they clock ‘off duty’ to retire.

“Our dogs deserve the best retirement,” said PC Edwards. “Police dogs are often retired whilst still relatively young, due to either being injured in the course of their work, injured whilst protecting their handler or even to due illness.

“The fund is aimed at helping the dogs when they retire from the Force, and will help with things such as the cost of veterinary expenses, or other unexpected costs.”

Under police regulations, dogs used for general purpose or drugs work are paid for by the force until they retire, often between the ages of eight and ten-years-old. But once they leave the force, all funding from the force ceases, and all costs then sit with the dog’s handler, or if the dog has been re-homed, the new owner.

PC Edwards added: “Throughout their working lives the dogs’ vet bills and other expenses are paid for by the force, but when they retire they are no longer regarded as police property.

“The dogs are the unsung heroes of the force. Over the years they have turned up with their handlers in all weathers and tracked offenders in the middle of the night. That’s why we decided to set up this benevolent fund for them. Many other forces run very successful similar funds for their retired dogs and we hope to have the same success here in North Wales.”

At the recent North Wales Police Open Day, the Dog Section raised over £200 towards the fund, by selling ‘pup cakes’ baked by one of the handlers, specially commissioned wristbands and trolley coins. Plans are also underway to create a Dog Section calendar next year. A crowdfunding page has also been created where donations have reached over £800.

PC Edwards said: “We’d like to thank everybody who have donated so far. Their generosity will make a huge difference to our retired colleagues.”

If you would like to make a donation please visit their CrowdFunding page  

To learn more about the work of the Dog Section of North Wales Police please visit their Facebook page