National Volunteers Week: Police Staff Nicky Bellis

As we celebrate National Volunteers Week we’d like to introduce you to some of our own officers and staff who give up their time to help in their communities.

Nicky Bellis, North Wales Police Support Staff and a Volunteer Counsellor with Childline

Photograph of Police Support Staff Nicky Bellis

For the past 10 years Nicky Bellis has been a volunteer Counsellor with Childline in Denbighshire but because she has had to self-isolate due to the current situation, she has transferred her skills to offer her time as a ‘phone buddy’ for lonely and vulnerable people, through the Denbighshire Phone Buddy scheme.

For personal reasons Nicky, an RMS Records Supervisor with North Wales Police, decided she wanted to get involved with Childline. On completion of the counselling training Nicky attends the Prestatyn base to undertake a weekly shift of around four hours - answering calls, online chats and emails from children and young people across the UK.

“The demand for the service has grown so much in the time I have been involved. Every shift needs volunteers to help run the service; unfortunately there can be wait times for children and young people to speak to a counsellor during higher demand shifts.”

“Safeguarding children and young people is Childline’s priority and as a volunteer counsellor I work with a team of supervisors supporting me to provide the best service possible for young people contacting the service. I hope to return to my volunteering role at Childline soon but in the meantime, it is important to me to be a listening buddy for those that might be feeling isolated and worried about Covid.”

“It seemed an obvious thing to do as I could transfer my counselling skills from Childline to talking to people who can’t go out and see their families.”

“It’s a befriending service, where we call and check on people who are vulnerable. We have a chat about the day, and any worries or concerns they may have. Being a buddy is such a joy – it puts everything into perspective,” said Nicky. 

In her work with North Wales Police, Nicky is also a Critical Incident Debriefer as well as a Mental Health Peer Support.

“Volunteering is so rewarding. It allows me to tie in all my skills and give something back to those who need it.”

Nicky is keen to encourage others to get involved with Childline. Anyone interested in finding out about volunteering for the service should contact Sally, the Volunteer Coordinator: