North Wales Police safety game launches

Today, Monday 3rd December 2018, we are launching the first North Wales Police game on our website which is themed around drink driving at Christmas.

The game, which is called ‘Drive Safe Santa’, has been created alongside our annual Christmas Anti Drink and Drug Drive Campaign. The aim is to emphasize our message to the public to #ChooseWisely and make plans to get home safely without driving if you know you will be drinking alcohol. It is hoped that the game will engage with both young people to educate them about the risks of driving under the influence and with adults to drive responsibly.

Our NWP Christmas game has been created by Natasha Wan, who is a Welsh student studying BSc (Hons) Games Design and Development at Manchester Metropolitan University. The game involves helping Santa to deliver presents around the world safely by ensuring that he isn’t getting drunk on the job. The aim is to collect milk and cookies and avoid the alcohol. When Santa collides with alcohol the player loses points and the screen darkens to display that alcohol affects everyone’s driving for the worse.

Drive Safe Santa game

Natasha said: “It has been a great opportunity to work with North Wales Police on this project. Not only has it been valuable work experience to add to my portfolio but I’m glad to help raise awareness of the risks and consequences of irresponsible driving over the Christmas period too.”

The game gives players 3 lives until they are arrested but this does not reflect the real life drink drive limits. It’s not possible to say exactly how much alcohol you can drink whilst staying below the limit because the way alcohol affects you depends on different factors including weight, age, metabolism, recent meals, stress levels and more. If you’re driving this Christmas, it’s best to have none for the road.

Click here to play Drive Safe Santa.