Renewed appeal for vigilance in Ruabon Road area of Wrexham

Police are renewing their appeal for information and urging residents to be vigilant following further reports of suspicious activity just off Ruabon Road in the Edward Street and Poyser Street areas of Wrexham.

DCI Gary Kelly said; “In May we appealed for information following reports of a man behaving suspiciously late at night in the Ruabon Road, Edward Street and Poyser Street areas.

“In recent weeks we have received further reports of a man prowling the area, including an incident at around 1am on Sunday July 7 when a man was seen outside the kitchen window of a house in Edward Street. He fled when seen by the occupant.

“I am appealing for information and dashcam footage between midnight on July 6 and 2am on July 7 around the Edward Street area.

“We don’t at this stage know if these incidents are linked,  but I would ask residents to make sure their homes and outbuildings are secure and to report any suspicious activity to police on 101 or  through our live chat  quoting refs 19100253471 and X094885

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