Renewed Shotton assault appeal

We are renewing our appeal for information following a report that a man assaulted a girl as she was playing with friends in a park in Shotton, Deeside.

The incident happened at around 8.45pm on Tuesday August 13 on a playing field along Shotton Lane, near the Edward Morgan Primary School when the 10 year old was playing hide and seek with friends.                 

A man is understood to have grabbed hold of the child as she was hiding in the bushes, but fled after she called for help and other children and a dog walker disturbed him.

A further detailed description has been given.

The suspect is described as in his 40’s, around 5ft 7ins tall with a thin build. His face is described as tanned and dirty with a long nose and thin eyebrows.

His teeth are described as dirty with some missing and one pointed and longer than the others. He has brown greyish hair and a gingery brown beard.

The suspect also had cuts on his fingers and knuckles and a small cut near his thumb on one of his hands.

He was wearing a dirty dark blue hooded jumper and baggy blue-grey jeans and an “army green” baseball cap. He was also wearing dirty white shoes, one of which was ripped and exposing his foot.

DI Eleri Thomas said; “We are appealing for anyone who recognises the description of the male or has any information as to his identity to contact us 101 or

quoting ref X116931.

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