Rogue traders in the Conwy Valley

Police are urging people to be vigilant after vulnerable people have been targeted by rogue traders in the Conwy Valley area.

The incidents have happened over the past week when a man and a woman have visited properties offering tree cutting services.

The two people, who are believed to be travelling in a white Land Rover Defender, are offering to undertake the work for an excessive amount of money.

Sgt Lisa Armstrong said: “We are asking people to be vigilant and are strongly advising residents, particularly the elderly, not to accept any requests from cold callers to complete any form of work at their home addresses.”

“It needs to be highlighted that all members of society need to be vigilant and people need to be advised not to accept requests to complete work from cold callers. If you are in any doubt call the police on 101 or contact your local Trading Standards department.

To help reduce doorstep crime there are three clear steps which have been developed to help decrease the number of rogue trader and distraction burglary victims, and to increase the reporting of suspicious doorstep incidents.

The three step message to the public is:

   If in doubt, keep them out!  
   Be prepared, be in control
   Call a neighbour or the police