Suspicious package reported in Southsea

At 9.15am this morning, Thursday 14th December 2017, workmen found what was described as a suspicious package in an empty house in Hywelfa, Southsea near Wrexham.   Emergency Services were quickly on the scene and secured the property and initially evacuated the adjoining houses whilst they examined the package.

Further expertise in the form of EOD (Explosives Ordinance Disposal) and Fire Service specialists attended the scene and made safe the package which turned out to be harmless compenent parts of fireworks which will be disposed of by the local authority.

Chief Inspector Mark Williams at North Wales Police who managed the multi-agency response said. ‘The incident was reported to Police in very good faith and the response of all our emergency service partners and EOD was reassuringly prompt and professional and I’d like to pass on my sincere thanks to all those involved.   I’d also like to extend our thanks to the local community for their patience and understanding whilst events unfolded and I’m happy to report the area will be returned to normality as soon as possible’.

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