The Big Easy - if you knew what we knew you would make some changes

The Big Easy

Spring is in the air and North Wales Police are launching ‘The Big Easy’ campaign in a bid to show people how easy it is to avoid becoming victims of crime.

Sergeant Beth Jones of Central Community Safety said: “We are asking you to take a few minutes to think about your possessions. Are they expensive? Are they sentimental? Would you miss them? Can you replace them?  Does your livelihood depend on them?  If the public knew what we know, I’m sure they would make some changes to their activities to prevent losing their possessions.” 

So what do we know? Below are some of the figures to demonstrate what’s actually happening:

In North Wales in 2018:

  • Only 54% of properties burgled were secure
  • 88% of bicycles stolen had been left unsecured.
  • 33% of thefts from vehicle offences involved works vans, none of which had extra security fitted.

Sgt Jones said: “Most thieves are opportunist. They will try doors and windows of houses, sheds and cars knowing that at some point they will get lucky. They want a quick ‘in and out’ without being challenged.”

“We are not blaming victims, but by not locking your doors, leaving your windows open or failing to secure your property, you risk losing your valuable and precious belongings.”

“The Big Easy aims to make you think about your own personal circumstances and the simple changes you can make to protect your possessions and prevent crime. Please also consider your friends and family, in particular those who are elderly and vulnerable, and how they can be influenced to make these changes.”

Big Easy Posters

The campaign will initially concentrate on the following themes:

  • Theft from work vans
  • Theft from cars
  • Burglary in homes
  • Burglary in caravans
  • Bicycle theft
  • Theft from sheds and garages

So what do you do to make it easy for thieves?

The Big Easy webpage offers advice and support to help you make these changes. Social media users are also encouraged to follow the North Wales Police accounts for local and regional information on Twitter and Facebook. You will also find contact information on these pages to ask more questions.

North Wales is a safe place to live and work, but together we can make it safer.